Ilustrasi membaca buku (foto:,id)
Ilustrasi membaca buku (foto:,id)

The Heralded of Literacy Culture

Indonesia have a bad situation about Literacy. A tag line in was blow up has alarm for our nation from our government. Our literacy culture was a far down. At least not yet in to the dangerous situation.

The main problem is in something we called bad in witch Government was far down, is about habit. The subject from this problem is people. A creature was have a complexity, especially about to grow up a culture of literacy.

For many years Indonesia independent, this country is so busy to find how the way to grow up economics and people welfare, to turn down inequality of economics and social, food independent, build democracy, and every pieces trouble endless.

To complete the problem One of the our Development Human Index is literacy rites, need have many years to grow that. Not yet the problem of education infrastructure like the classroom, lesson material and the quality of teacher etc.

So, how to raise up our literacy culture? In witch the literacy culture just can only be started from one single and simple habit, and is a read. Read what? A book. Simple.

From the data, interest about read a book from Indonesian People is low level. UNESCO was release a data in 2012, a they show a interest of Indonesian People in 0,001. This mean is every 1.000 civilian just have 1 people to have interest to read book.

The Data World’s Most Literate Nations in 2016 they record a rite of Indonesian people just in position of 60 form 61 country. Indonesia just a one level above from Botswana and lost below a country’s in a South East Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. So, what book are you reading now?

Penulis: Rama Riyadi / @RamaRiyadi (Anggota Redaksi)

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